Corporate Profile

Fullgoal Fund Management Company Limited (“Fullgoal Fund”) is one of China's most trusted names in investment management. The firm was established in 1999 and is firmly established as a pioneer within China's evolving domestic fund management sector. As one of the first generation of public fund management companies to commence business in China, Fullgoal Fund is uniquely positioned to provide clients with the experience of legacy and access to actionable ideas and investment advisory. Fullgoal Fund is also one of the few investment managers operating in China to be fully licenced by all regulatory bodies and securities commissions.

Headquartered in Shanghai, Fullgoal Fund has registered capital of RMB520 million. Through its national network, Fullgoal Fund provides investment management solutions to both domestic and international clients. The company also operates two distinct asset management subsidiaries, Fullgoal Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited and Fullgoal Asset Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Fullgoal Fund was the first China-based fund manager to receive approval by China Securities Regulatory Commission to sell equity to a foreign shareholder. In 2003, BMO Financial Group of Canada began its equity participation with Fullgoal Fund, providing the firm with both a strategic international shareholder and the advantage of global expertise in asset management, investment fund

In the following decade, Fullgoal Fund continued to rapidly build on its investment and capital management experience in China's developing capital market. Leveraging global best practices and the most diverse domestic talent, Fullgoal Fund provides clients with the most innovative investment philosophies in the market and a diverse range of international fund investment and wealth management services demanded by sophisticated investors.

As of 31 Dec. 2022, Fullgoal Fund managed 287 public funds with total assets under management (AUM) of RMB 585.26 billion, excluding the AUM of money market funds.  *

The firm's leadership is also reaffirmed by various industry sources and independent industry trackers. By 31 December 2017 Fullgoal Fund received a total of 12 four-star and above rankings for its three-year fund suite and 10 four-star and above rankings for its five-year funds by MorningStar Ratings.

*(China Galaxy Securities Funds Research Centre)

Investment Solution

  • Fullgoal Fund is one of China's most diverse providers of investment management products and services. The company provides clients with a full suite of solutions including open and closed-end mutual funds, qualified domestic institutional investor (QDII) funds, enterprise annuity funds, domestic social security funds and asset management for segregated accounts. All funds are fully licensed by the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

  • Fullgoal Fund provides clients with a variety of choice across all major asset classes. The company's product suite includes equity funds, bond funds, hybrid funds, money market funds, index tracking and exchange traded funds (ETF), QDII, FOF,REITs and other market-leading fund products. Through its product scope, Fullgoal Fund provides investors with a broad range of investment options to suit all risk appetites.

  • Fullgoal Fund continues to add new investment solutions to its growing product suite. As both regulations and client demand in China continues to evolve, Fullgoal Fund has played an innovative role in the market, consistently launching new investment solutions that match the growing sophistication of China's investor class.

Risk Management

Fullgoal Fund adheres to the highest standards of risk management across all products. Core to the company's risk management philosophy is an unwavering commitment to compliance, controls and transparency.

The company's risk management system is held in high esteem by the market, regulators and clients. The success of this framework is embedded in the company's culture. Fullgoal Fund applies stringent risk control measures throughout all stages of the investment cycle, supported by high level supervision and oversight pre- and post-execution.

Fullgoal Fund continues to invest heavily in all elements of its risk management framework. The company continues streamline its comprehensive organization structure to ensure that risk management is not compromised for clients and employees. Management continues to evaluate and improve internal structures to ensure a clear division of labour and balanced oversight and responsibility across different departments. Furthermore, Fullgoal Fund maintains a comprehensive internal control system and an independent supervision and audit team ensure the successful implementation of risk control system across all products and services.