Annuity Investment

Fullgoal Fund has been an authority in annuity investments for over a decade. In 2005, Fullgoal Fund received qualification to become one of the first fund investment managers to manage enterprise annuity in China. Annuity is now firmly entrenched as one of the core businesses for Fullgoal Fund. The company views the annuity business a strategic pillar for the company's development and continues to invest in product and people to best serve annuity investor clients.Fullgoal Fund's annuity clients base represent major sectors of China's economy including aviation, petroleum and petrochemical, finance, electric
power, transportation, coal, and other industries. As of 31 December 2017, Fullgoal Fund manages 65 annuity portfolios with a total scale of RMB30.77 billion and an average account scale of RMB474 million, above the industry average. Performance is also a hallmark of the annuity platform. Since 2005, Fullgoal Funds have earned superior absolute return every year and have received marvelous appreciation from the partners including clients, depositories and custodians.
  • Annuity Investment Philosophy

    With all annuity funds, the company aims to “realize stable accretion under the premise of strict risk control”. Fullgoal Fund actively seeks stable absolute returns across its annuity suite and provides in-depth analysis to ensure that all portfolios reach their maximum potential each year. The investment team also commits to providing clients with low fluctuation ratios, high sharpe ratios, and relevant high rankings.

  • Annuity Service Team

    The annuity service team has an array of experience in financial securities and pension fund investment. All clients are provided with an efficient and high quality investment management and communication service across their annuity platform, supported by in house research, customized reporting and personalized service.

  • Annuity Sales Team

    Fullgoal Fund's annuity sales team provide clients with the benefit of diverse market exploration and maintenance, with a profound knowledge of annuity operations in China. The team's director also brings clients both the comfort and security of working within the industry, operating mega annuity funds across several industries.

  • Annuity Support Team

    The daily maintenance of the annuity portfolios is managed by a dedicated annuity support team. The support team has one director and seven dedicated members to maintain the pension funds. Assigned team members are responsible for coordinating regular and in-depth meetings with clients, and for customizing communication regarding performance and operations of the annuity portfolios.

National Social Security

In December 2010, Fullgoal Fund officially gained the qualification of delegated domestic investment manager to operate National Social Security Funds (NSSF). The company started to operate its first social security portfolio in early 2011. With an outstanding risk control system and a stable investment performance, Fullgoal has gradually received the qualifications to manage different types of NSSF portfolios including fixed income and equity investments.